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Are you looking for possible homework assignments, info-graphics, and worksheets? Then you've come to the right place. We add resources to the PWU tool box monthly so be sure to visit often for new resources.  


Domestic Abuse and Marriage counseling handout. Here are some questions to consider concerning counseling for couples where abuse is present.

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Evidenced Repentance Worksheet

This is a tool used by Pastor Chris in the Men of Peace program to promote discussion and further teaching on the process of change.


Why Do Some Abuse Victims not Cry Out Info-Graphic

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From Desire to Sin

Here is an example of a homework assignment I use within Men of Peace.


Options for Victims

Unfortunately, leaving the home does not guarantee safety.  In fact, violence may escalate as an abuser tries to coerce the victim into reconciliation or retaliate because she left.  Abusive men who believe they “own” their partners justify retaliation because of the ultimate betrayal or humiliation they endured as a result of her leaving.


“Who do you say I am” Info-graphic

“But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?” Simon Peter answered, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.”



"We may not be able to avoid suffering in this life, but we do have a choice in how it will affect us. If we allow improper fear to rule us, the trials of life will devastate and overwhelm us.”

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You Are Loved

"He willingly came and suffered because of His love for you."

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Hope: We serve a God who specializes in redemption.


Scriptures regarding financial responsibility


Scriptures Regarding a Husband’s Responsibility

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Scripture that speaks to Emotional, and Verbal Abuse

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God Hates Abuse and Abusers

Here is an info-graphic of five Biblical descriptions of God's response to abuse. 


Six Descriptions of Violent and Abusive People

Here is an info-graphic six Biblical descriptions of abusive people. 


Good Tree / Equality Wheel Info graphic

Here is an info-graphic comparing the equality wheel with the tree model. 


Power and Control Info-Graphic

Here is an info-graphic comparing the power and control wheel with the tree model. 



This is a tool I use to gather information from a victim regarding a man's use of abusive actions.


Behavior Inventory

This is a tool I use to gather information regarding a man's use of abusive actions.


Ten Biblical counselors who speak well on issues of abuse

MARCH 2018


Teen Dating Violence Info-Graphic

February 2018


E-book "God's protection of Women" 

by Herb Vander Lugt

Find this free resource as well as many other titles from Our Daily Bread Ministries at

"In the following pages Herb Vander Lugt, long time pastor and senior editor for Radio Bible Class opens the Bible to show that Moses, Jesus, and Paul all recognize that some marital conditions are worse than divorce."


E-book "When Words" Hurt by Jeff Olson

Find this free resource as well as many other titles from Our Daily Bread Ministries at

The destructive power of words can be a crushing force in a marriage—or in any relationship. In this booklet, counselor Jeff Olson helps you get a better understanding of the way words can be used as an instrument of building up or a weapon of tearing down.


E-Book "When Violence Comes Home" by Tim Jackson

Find this free resource as well as many other titles from Our Daily Bread Ministries at 

Spousal abuse is one of the most rapidly growing problems in our culture today—even within the church. Gain insight into the causes and effects of marital abuse and find out how you can respond with godly intervention, as co-authors Tim Jackson and Jeff Olson offer help for both victims and offenders.


E-Book "When Power is Misused" by Jeff Olson  

Find this free resource as well as many other titles from Our Daily Bread Ministries at

Being strong is an essential God-given component of  masculinity; however, using that strength to dominate, bully, and hurt others becomes a misuse of the good thing God has given. Counselor Jeff Olson uses the examples of biblical characters to help you understand where, how and why power can be abused. Discover your true strength and how you can use it for good rather than for evil.


Safety Plan From Focus Ministries

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