PeaceWorks 100

PeaceWorks 100 is a networking and coaching program Chris has designed to offer his standard conference, and coaching materials to Biblical Counselors, Pastors, ministry leaders, and people helpers for a fraction of the cost. In the past Chris has limited his coaching programs to individuals, specific churches, or small groups of counselors but PeaceWorks 100 reduces the costs of such specialized coaching by networking up to 100 participants in the same program. If you or your team would benefit from weekly coaching and mentoring with Chris on the topic of domestic violence but can't afford the cost of hosting a conference, covering expenses, or paying consulting fees then PeaceWorks 100 is for you.  



You will receive live weekly instruction through the PeaceWorks 100 private Facebook page featuring Chris' popular conference material, Live question and answer sessions, effective homework assignments, and special guest presenters. 



In addition to the Facebook Live components Chris will interact on the group page answering questions, offering links to helpful materials and introducing you to ministry leaders from around the world already involved in domestic violence prevention and intervention.



This is not only a program but a network. You will be connected to other participants with whom you are free to share ideas, resources, policies, etc. The community aspect of this program is what is most distinct from Chris' past offerings.

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